Oracle Error: No listener – LISTENER failing to start upon windows startup

Case: Today morning on my development machine (Windows 10 ) I can’t login to the oracle schema with toad or from my application showing Oracle Error : No listener. Upon further investigation found that listener is not starting Automatically though its service configured to run automatically.

Workaround: To resolve the “No Listener”, restarted workstation several times after changes in ‘listener.ora’ file; explicitly added the SID_NAME under the SID_LIST_LISTENER but failed to automatically start the listener. Later an idea came on my mind to execute the command ‘LISTENER> start listener’ while startup of windows by using the Windows Task Scheduler. But looking around some other solution interactive and less involved and have found one which is restarting service if it is failed to execute. Workaround is below:

  1. Under the windows services(execute windows.msc from run) locate the OracleSIDTNSListener service.
  2. Click right mouse to get to the OracleSIDTNSListener properties windows.
  3. Go to the Recovery Tab from the top.
  4. For the First failure: Select the “Restart the Service” option from the drop-down menu.
  5. Do the same for the Second failure and Subsequent failures.
  6. Restart your PC.
  7. It should work now 🙂 .


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