Oracle-Error: UDE-22303, OCI-22303


For the IGW application testbed preparation we need the schema export and then be imported. When export initiated by Data Pump EXPDP the oracle error showed up.

UDE-22303: operation generated ORACLE error 22303
OCI-22303: type "SYS"."KU$_STATUS1020" not found


Upon investigating in the alert log file the below lines are showing up indicating a shared_pool sizing issue. Shared pool is ouot of memory or fragmented heavily.

Wed May 30 12:10:46 2018
Errors in file d:\app\administrator\diag\rdbms\igwbilling\igwbilling\trace\igwbilling_ora_7048.trc (incident=47410):
ORA-04031: unable to allocate 56 bytes of shared memory ("streams pool","unknown object","streams pool","fixed allocation callback")
Incident details in: d:\app\administrator\diag\rdbms\igwbilling\igwbilling\incident\incdir_47410\igwbilling_ora_7048_i47410.trc


The solution is to increase the shared_pool_size, freeing up the shared pool by flushing it, bouncing the database. In our case we flushed the shred pool by committing the below command. After the command started executing the EXPORT DUMP command and this time EXPDP executed successfully and finished the backup of schema export.

 alter system flush shared_pool;


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