WordPress Tutorial: Install WordPress on a new site


For a newly purchased domain WordPress software needs to be installed at first hand to make the site up and running. In this tutorial we will see how to install WordPress on a new site.


If we have already purchased a new domain and hosted it under any hosting service provider then we already got the credentials to access the cPanel. Steps to install WordPress on a new site is below:

  1. First login to the cPanel by the provided credentials from hosted service provider
  2. Scroll down to the cPanel and find out the WordPress Link
  3. Clicking the WordPress Link will redirect to the WordPress installation page
  4. Click the “Install Now” link
  5. Choose Protocol that you desire from the listing
  6. Choose Domain from the listing where you want WordPress to be installed
  7. Provide Site Name (you could change it after installation)
  8. Provide Site Description (you could change it after installation)
  9. Provide Admin Username
  10. Provide Admin Password (must change the default one and maintain a good complexity)
  11. Provide Admin Email (give a valid and readily accessible one)
  12. Select Language of your choice
  13. Select Theme (leaving unselected will install default theme) of your choice by navigating to left & right (you could change it after installation)
  14. Click Install
  15. Depending on the load and bandwidth installation will take from seconds to minutes to took place successfully.
  16. Upon successful installation “the software was installation successfully” message will be shown with URL details
  17. An email will be sent to you by the service provider with the details of new WordPress installation.
  18. Post to your new site 🙂

For more alternatives and further reading go to here.


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