Import relational databases schema into Enterprise Architect(9.0)

Prerequisite: To import relational databases schema into Enterprise Architect, first make an ODBC data source for your database. You have to ensure that the ODBC driver matches your Enterprise Architect processor architecture requirement(32 or 64 bit).

For the purpose of various kinds of UML documentation for the eBiz project. I had to import SQL server database objects table, views etc to construct a Class Diagram and to retain the Tables,views structures into a transferable format between relational databases. The below steps includes the necessary steps to do so:

  1. From the Project Browser choose the intended Package under which the objects will be imported.
  2. Select the package and click Right mouse then choose “Code Engineering” > “Import DB Schema from ODBC”.Initiate the ODBC import
  3. Import DB Schema from ODBC source form will appear; from the top choose a Database (…), it is the ODBC source that you have already made.You may need to provide user credentials depending on database software to connect to database.EA_ODBC_Schema_Import
  4.  Next choose the “Import”; which will load the schema and list the available objects able to import. Choose from the list or all the objects under the schema and choose “Ok”.
  5. During the import process it will show the objects that are importing;after finish close the window and you will see the objects under the package you chosen. EA_ODBC_post_import

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