SQL Server Tutorial: Connect to SQL Server via ODBC

  1. From Start > Go to SQL Server configuration manager
  2. Expand: SQL Server network configuration
  3. Choose: Protocols for database
  4. Right Click on TCP/IP and Enable
  5. From Start > Go to SQL Server services
  6. Restart: SQL Server instance(database)
  7. From Start > Go to Control panel > Administrative tools > ODBC data sources 64/32 bit
  8. Choose: System DSN > Add
  9. Choose: SQL Server from the list
  10. Give a name for the ODBC data source
  11. Provide the name of the server: Copy the Server Name from the SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) and paste it here.(From Start Go To SQL Server Management Studio)
  12. Choose: With windows NT authentication using the network login id.
  13. Change: the default database to your preferred one.
  14. Finish
  15. Test data source

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