About Me

Assalamualikum(peace be upon you), welcome on landing my website 🙂 ; This site intend to share my experience and learning history of Databases like Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, MS Access, VBA, Operating Systems(Unix, Windows, Mac), Cloud computing(Open Stack, AWS) and WordPress; alongside will occasionally post some tutorials, screen casts; Thank You.

On top of everything I am an enthusiast, a constant learner, researcher by personality. Like to take challenges and embrace new ideas and thoughts. Usually dive deep into something that interests me; give time and effort to implement it; give it a life. The most important nature of mine is I am a problem solver and generally stick to a problem consistently until it resolved.I have very keen interest in politics, history, religion, technology, social welfare and nature. Love to think out-of-the-box and in some aspects in an iconoclastic way. Love my country, the people, rural lives(always missing the serenity of village). I am a gourmet lover; usually cook dishes (you are invited to taste some 😀 ); collecting coins and touring includes my hobbies. Usually hangout with friends and family.

Throughout my professional journey I worked in various databases like Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, MS access, SQL server, PostgreSQL on different Windows servers and UNIX platforms as Solaris, Cent Os, Red hat and Debian. AS a DBA I am expert in databases performance tuning, writing SQL with optimizations and usual installations and configurations, replication, backup and recovery operations. I actively engage myself with requirements and system analysis, database design, transforming business logic into application processes and technical documentation. Moderate command in system scripting like bash .sh, batch .bat and system administration.


Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering                  2008
University of Development Alternative
CGPA: 3.85 out of 4


Organization: KONA Software Lab Ltd. (https://konasl.com/)
Senior Engineer Level-2 (Database)                        18 Feb, 2019 – Present

Organization: Mir Telecom Limited (https://mirtelecom-bd.com/)
Assistant Manager                                                    Jan, 2016 – 15 Feb, 2019
Senior System Engineer                                           Apr, 2013 – Dec, 2015
System Engineer                                                       Apr, 2011 – Mar, 2012
Assistant System Engineer                                      Apr, 2010 – Mar, 2011

Organization: BRAC Bank Limited (https://www.bracbank.com/)
Executive Programmer                                             Jun, 2009 – Mar, 2010