Id Date Task Module Version Description Comment
1 2019-03-07 05:27:42 @ 2019-03-07 Research & Development Oracle Spatial 12c Geocoding, Spatially enabling a table, Spatial indexing, Spatial examples to practice, Moving spatial data to a dedicated tablespace, SPATIAL_VECTOR_ACCELERATION to increase performance, Java API, Adding user data like pinning in map(Location data enrichment), Spatial Operators, Procedures, and Functions, SDO_WITHIN_DISTANCE, Tolerance and an Input Parameter Chapter-1: Spatial Concepts
2 2019-03-07 10:57:31 @ 2019-03-07 Project: Nagad DFS Multiple connections from single instance in Dev server 0.2.6 Multiple connections creating from the developers instance, a maximum of 40 connections observed. Current version 0.2.6 is using multiple days sources which might be too he causes of the bottlenecks, in previous version one data source was using and no hicckup found. Diagnosed with Cyrus user.
3 2019-03-09 23:05:11 @ 2019-03-07 Meetings Database Backup Dev DB Optimization Spatial/GIS data operation performance improvements Querying transaction history optimization Meeting with CTO Khaled bhai
4 2019-03-09 23:15:25 @ 2019-03-07 Website Posts/Maintenance Implemented Task Logger and Show Activities in Using wordpress plugins implemeted task logging and showing activities. Plugins used Contact Form 7, Save Contact Form 7 and WordPress Tables. Pages built and used are Task Logger, Show Activities both of them are password protected. Additionally ARI Adminer is used to show and edit the rows from WordPress admin panel.
5 2019-03-10 01:38:40 @ 2019-03-10 Database Administration Changing or altering user password Changed password for the user TEMP_AUTH & TEMP_DBS in the ORCL development db hosted in Tuhin\'s Desktop VM.
6 2019-03-10 09:06:07 @ 2019-03-10 Research & Development Oracle Spatial 12c 2.1 Simple Example: Inserting, Indexing, and Querying Spatial Data 2.2 SDO_GEOMETRY Object Type Table 2-1 Valid SDO_GTYPE Values 2.2.2 SDO_SRID 2.2.2 SDO_SRID 4.1.2 Bulk Loading Point-Only Data in SDO_GEOMETRY Objects 4.1.2 Bulk Loading Point-Only Data in SDO_GEOMETRY Objects 5.2 Querying Spatial Data Primary Filter Operator Primary and Secondary Filter Operator Within-Distance Operator Nearest Neighbor Operator 6.1.3 Geodetic Coordinates (Geographic Coordinates) 6.2.2 Choosing a Geodetic or Projected Coordinate System 6.1.3 Geodetic Coordinates (Geographic Coordinates) 6.7 Coordinate Systems Data Structures 6.13 Google Maps Considerations
7 2019-03-11 03:49:44 @ 2019-03-11 Research & Development Oracle Spatial 12c 9.1 Spatial Information and Data Mining Applications 12.1 Concepts for Geocoding; 12.1.1 Address Representation 13.1 Business Directory Concepts SQL Statements for Indexing Spatial Data Spatial Operators Reference: Oracle Spatial and Graph Developer\'s Guide 12c
8 2019-03-12 04:42:28 @ 2019-03-12 Research & Development Install Smaple Schemas in Test DB 12c Installed test sachemas in test database to implement various oracle spatial / locator features for google maps in mobile applications.
9 2019-03-12 23:45:50 @ 2019-03-12 Research & Development Oracle Spatial 12c Written down the action plan to implement the oracle spatial approach to the GIS data, sat with tuhin bhai discussed some SQL performance tuning issues, requested to get the location data from Nagad.
10 2019-03-13 01:19:26 @ 2019-03-13 Aunko WebSite Renew Lets Encrypt SSL certificate manually. Run the below command manually from ubuntu user when notification email arrived: #renew Let\'s Encrypt SSL certificate sh /etc/lego/
11 2019-03-13 05:20:58 @ 2019-03-13 Aunko WebSite Rearrange the main menu and links Rearranged the menu links, includes only Home,Features and Buy. Others linked are transferred to the bottom of page. inspired from article.
12 2019-03-13 05:26:46 @ 2019-03-13 Aunko Technical/User Documentation Technical documentation hosted in website Technical documentation ported to website, will be used as central repository of technical docs for operational and referencing tasks. It should be strictly maintained.
13 2019-03-14 11:07:14 @ 2019-03-14 Meetings Nagas DB down Meeting with nagad team, deadlock happened by query from app, index was added to the referential foreign key column.